Funding Hamilton County Schools
FY 19-20 Budget Proposal

Hamilton County Schools is made up of more than 44,000 students and 6,000 employees - that’s more than 50,000 people who rely on the district’s budget for support. 

Every year, district leaders evaluate the needs of the district and identify priorities for improvement to craft the next school year’s budget. The superintendent works alongside the Hamilton County Board of Education to develop a budget that best meets these needs and continues a path of progress in Hamilton County Schools.

Throughout March, April and May, the Hamilton County Board of Education will carefully review the proposed budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. See the timeline below for specific details.

FY2020 Board Approved Budget
July 25 2019

FY2020 Budget Work Session
July 18 2019

FY2020 Revised Budget Data
(Full Spreadsheet)

FY 19-20 Fully-Funded Budget Proposal
FY2020 Budget Documents

FY2020 Budget Data
(Full Spreadsheet)

Budget Work Session Timeline Info Graphic

As the budget process continues over the next several months, we will update this page with important budget-related information.

Community Input

In preparation for developing the budget, superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson launched a Listening Tour to gather feedback from parents, staff and community members across the district. Dr. Johnson held Listening Sessions in each of the five Learning Communities and heard from more than 350 people about what they want for students in Hamilton County.

Through the Listening Tour, the community collectively identified priorities for each of the five priority areas in our FutureReady2023!  district plan.

Community Priorities

March 14th Board Work Session

Feedback from our Learning Communities