How Do I?



What do I do if I can’t get into my PowerSchool account? (i.e. Reset Password, Need Set-up Assistance, Forgot Username)
For assistance with PowerSchool accounts please contact the school with which you are currently enrolled. If the school is not able to assist you please request the school submit a help desk request.

What if I need assistance figuring out my child's bus route? (i.e. Future Ready bus switching)
If you have questions about Bus Routes please use our Bus Stop Finder or call our Transportation Hotline: 423-498-5555.

What if I need information about before or after care?
If you need information about before or after care please visit our School Age Child Care site (SACC). If this page does not provide you with the information you are looking for please contact your zoned or registered school for options or call the main SACC line: 423-893-3530.

What if I have a question about Registration?
If you have questions about registering your child please visit our Registration site. If you have questions not answered by our site please contact the school where you are trying to register for assistance. If you need PowerSchool access when moving from one school to another please contact your original school first.

What if I have a question specific to my student?
If you have a question that is specific to your student or school please contact the school directly. If the school determines you need an escalation to a central office department they will initiate contact with appropriate individuals.

I am enrolling my child in another district or homeschool program, what do I need to do for HCS Notification?
If you wish to withdraw your child and are moving to another school district, please notify your child’s current school of attendance. They will have you complete withdrawal papers so they will be prepared to forward your child’s cumulative records to the next enrolling school.

If you reside in Hamilton County and wish to withdraw your child from our district to enroll in a homeschool program, please visit the our homeschool information site for details regarding homeschool requirements.

Where can I find learning materials for my quarantined child?
If your child is quarantined their teacher will prepare materials for your child within a reasonable time frame. In the meantime, you may find learning materials for your child here.

How do I update my contact information to ensure I am receiving all HCS communications such as emails, texts, and phone calls?
To ensure you are receiving HCS district-wide communication please ensure your PowerSchool information is up to date, and register for emails here. To ensure you are receiving emails from your child’s school please reach out to the school directly to update your contact details.