Volunteer with Hamilton County Schools

Volunteers can have a powerful impact on HCS students, educators, schools, and our community!
There are many ways to get started as a volunteer. 
  • Connect directly with HCS educators by volunteering your time and professional or personal skillset through the HCS CommunityShare network
  • Reach out to your school directly to inquire about volunteer needs
  • Support one of our many community partner organizations by volunteering with mobile food pantries, enrichment programming and events, mentoring, and more through United Way's Volunteer Center
Volunteers should learn what paperwork, background check, and orientation requirements are necessary for their selected opportunity. Per HCS Board Policy 4.501, all volunteers wishing to serve in the school during the regular school day or in support of a school sponsored extracurricular program must be approved by the principal and shall serve under the supervision and direction of the professional personnel of the school to which they are assigned. Any such volunteer having unmonitored contact with children must first undergo a background check in accordance with provisions set forth in Tenn. Code Ann 49.5.413 every three years. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Hamilton County Schools! 

Volunteering Requirements

If you are to participate in any volunteer activity that will involve unsupervised contact with students, you must complete a background check through IdentoGo.
If you are unsure as to whether or not you will be involved in activity that will require unsupervised contact, please contact your school's administration for further clarification.

You must complete a volunteer request form and waiver agreement through the Volunteer Request link below to be processed as a volunteer. In order to submit a volunteer request form, you must first be able to provide the date of your fingerprinting, as it is required you complete a background check before you can be processed as a volunteer. 

The instructions for fingerprinting are linked below. Please DO NOT select the Hickory Valley site. This is a mobile fingerprint station for current employees and the location changes daily. This site is NOT available to applicants, contractors, vendors, or volunteers.

The completion of a background check does not ensure approval as a volunteer. It must be approved by both Human Resources and your school's administration. 

Volunteer Request link

Fingerprinting Instructions


For any other questions regarding volunteer requests or fingerprinting, please contact Laurie Silvia at [email protected] or (423) 498-7067.