The Social Emotional and Academic Development (SEAD) department includes School Counseling, Social Workers, 504 Plans, Mental and Behavioral Health Support, Student Success Planning, and College & Career Advising. Hamilton County Schools supports social-emotional academic development by providing direct and indirect student services as well as classroom instruction.

Vision and Beliefs of SEAD

All students deserve to learn in an environment where they feel connected, safe and encouraged to achieve. The Social Emotional Academic Development (SEAD) structures will create and integrate sustainable, high-quality SEAD processes and help increase students’ opportunities for deeper connections to their peers, educators, and school community.

Educating the whole-child

This is the premise of SEAD and is a systemic and integrated approach to learning. It requires rethinking teaching and learning so that students’ academic, social, emotional, and cognitive development are integrated throughout the day. Fundamental to learning are environments that support the whole-child by being physically and emotionally safe. Young people with strong social, emotional, and cognitive competencies are more likely to enter and graduate from college and succeed in their careers (The Aspen Institute, 2019).

What are the benefits of Social-Emotional and Academic Development to students?

Hamilton County Schools prioritize the development of social-emotional and academic skills in the classroom. Teachers structure classrooms to include core SEAD competencies of cognitive, social and interpersonal, and emotional development.

  • Cognitive Development: Students maintain the ability to focus and pay attention, set goals, plan, organize, persevere, and problem-solve. 
  • Social and Interpersonal Development: Students demonstrate respect toward others, navigate social situations, and self-advocate while demonstrating agency, resolving conflict, and engaging in cooperative learning. teamwork 
  • Emotional Development: Students recognize and manage one’s emotions, understand the perspectives of others, and empathize with them, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures 

Elementary Lead Counselor: Ashley Ashworth
Secondary Lead Counselor:
Nicole Gillum
Coordinator of School Social Work: Lori Carmack
Executive Director: Dr. Patricia Russell

Questions about Social Emotional and Academic Development? Email Patricia Russell, Ed.D, Executive Director