Getting to Know Your Child's Report Card

My Student's Comprehensive Report Card

It’s more than just a grade!

Hamilton County Schools is committed to ensuring a fair, equitable and comprehensive approach to communicating student progress that is aligned to our district’s mission, Opportunity 2030. With that being said, you will see a few updates to our approach to report card grades during the 2023-2024 school year including sending more information home to you describing your child’s overall academic and social progress in school.

At HCS, we believe every student can learn and that student success is a shared responsibility. We encourage you to review this comprehensive report card to learn more about your child’s learning journey.

Report Card Sleeve

Why is the report card important?

  • Learn about your child's progress
  • Share the responsibility of your child's education
  • Find resources to support your student

What should I expect to see in my child’s report card sleeve?

  • Report Card – Describes how your child is doing in class
  • Benchmark Report – Explains your child’s mastery of grade level standards
  • iReady Report – Shows how your child compares nationally to grade level skills in ELA and MATH


Watch the following video for a report card update for parents