6th Grade Supply LIst

For All Classes...

*2 boxes of Kleenex

*2 rolls of paper towels

*Disinfectant wipes

*1 ream of copy paper

*2 packs loose leaf wide ruled paper

*2 packs of colored paper

*24 pack non-mechanical pencils

*1 bag individually wrapped candy

            (no peanuts)

*8 glue sticks

*1 pack dry erase markers

* set of 1-inch dividers


Items for student to keep with them and bring to every class:

Pouch with:


    *pens and/or markers 


    *glue stick

    *colored pencils


    *whiteboard marker

    *post it notes

    *earbuds that plug in (no wireless)

Social Studies

1 folder              

 (plastic pocket folder is best - students keep)


1 composition notebook

   (give to Mrs. Schultz to leave in science classroom)

MATH Class

1 subject spiral notebook
(give to Mrs. Harris to leave in math classroom)

1 subject spiral notebook with notebook paper and dividers; 1 pack of highlighters 

  (plastic pocket folder is best - students keep)


TI-15 calculator (optional-leave at home to use

      with math homework)

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