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    Raiders is a very popular athletic competition held within Junior ROTC programs around the United States. It is the Junior ROTC equivalent of the Army ROTC "Ranger" competition in college, only far less dangerous but very challenging as well! The events are held outdoors in state parks or large expansive wooded areas. The better competitions have plenty of parking and sleeping areas for spectators and participants on-site, as well as concessions and other amenities to make the event fun for all.

    The exact Raider events differ depending on where you are competing much like every golf course is slightly different but the game is the same. Generally, no matter where you compete, there will be some type of personal fitness/individual strength test (i.e., push-ups, curl-ups, tire drag, obstacle course, etc.) There will also be a distance team running event, along with some type of through the woods obstacle type event, and also some form of rescue/first aid event (rescuing a body from the woods on a liter). Lastly, almost every Raider event has some form of Rope Bridge construction/transport component. Other events can be maintained and often are held including first aid test, land navigation, etc. but I think you get the general idea that this is a mental and physical test of strength and endurance that takes a committed group of youngsters willing to train hard to prepare for to be safe and successful.

    Raider events are specifically designed far less dangerous in comparison to their ROTC-level parallels because Junior ROTC is about citizenship, leadership and physical, mental and emotional wellness. ROTC is a program designed to provide officers into the U.S. military. The missions of these two programs are completely different and are taught completely differently. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the events are different as well.

    Rules can be very different for Raider competition depending on where you live and where you compete but in general, Raider competitions are designed for a small group of physically fit and mentally tough cadets to compete in various outdoor activities preferably in a very primitive-type location with solid amenities to ensure safety of the participants. Again, painting with a broad brush, several schools from the Midwest feel the Raider Nationals is not as challenging as it should be physically. Conversely, several instructors with schools from the northeast feel the Raider Nationals is far too physically demanding. Some schools think it should be more cerebral with more intelligence-based events included. 

    While the vast majority of Raider teams are formed within Army JROTC programs, some of these teams are also found within Marine Corps, Navy and even a few Air Force programs. Most schools who "Raider" have a male team, but almost as many have a mixed team. Some bigger schools also offer a separate female team, or any combination depending on the number of cadets within to participate. As the competitive sport of Raider gains more and more teams, the other three services will likely gain more talent and traction! Regardless, competing in Raider is a great way for JROTC cadets to stay mentally and physically in shape in a military framework. Mostly, it is the most mega-hooah activity in all of JROTC!

    JROTC Raiders SY 2018-19




    I can’t wait! Sale Creek’s three Raider teams look like they can take a lot of hardware home this year.  Try-outs are complete, and we’ve got some incredible talent this year, as well as a few new faces on the teams.  I plan to travel with all teams to every competition this year. This year, we have an A Team (Boys) and a B Team (Girls). They are fired up and ready to go!     


    Competitions this year:  We are set for attending four weekend competitions, and four (H.C.D.E) after-school competitions. Below is our schedule for the season as of now:


                -4 Sep 18 (Tue) Inter-Hamilton Raider Comp. (CHS)

                -11 Sep 18 (Tue) Inter-Hamilton Raider Comp. (ERHS)

                -18 Sep 18 (Tue) Inter-Hamilton Raider Comp. (SCHS)

                -25 Sep 18 (Tue) Inter-Hamilton Raider Comp (OHS) 

                -15 Sep 18 North Forsyth High School (Cumming, GA)

                -22 Sep 18 (Sat) Soddy Daisy HS Raider Meet (Soddy Daisy, TN)

                -19-21 Oct 18 (Fri-Sun) Hendersonville HS Raider Competition (Lebanon, TN)

                -2-4 Nov 18 (Fri-Sun) Raider Nationals (Molena, GA)


    Camping Out:  I’m planning to have the Raider’s camp out in small tents.  The students will have a battle-buddy or two (same sex of course) who will stay with them in the tent.  This is assuming half the parents have or can borrow a tent we can use on those weekends.


    Cost:  Team fee this year is $50 to me as soon as possible, and $25 to the team Mom or Dad who will orchestrate the meals. This year’s raider parents are undecided. Your cadet may want to bring snacks or drinks, although the raider parents and chaperones do a fantastic job of keeping them fed. They do need to bring some money for one or two fast food stops on the way up or back and any souvenirs they want to buy (dog tags, t-shirts, etc).  


    Physicals:  I need your student’s physical paperwork IMMEDIATELY.  They cannot do any practicing until your doctor has said they are physically able to participate.   


    Practices:  Practices this year are on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 2:30-4:30. The Team Captains will determine who the “starting eight” are each competition depending on attendance, dedication, and effort. There are no set alternates this year.  Different comps have different rules for rotating team members, but we will put our strongest in the event where they excel. 


    Transportation:  I need transportation help and assistance with meals for each competition.  We are going to bus to North Forsyth, Boxwell and Nationals this year to cut down on our parents’ transportation costs.  For those comps without a driver, I need several parents who can drive. They will have to be cleared through the SRO and Principal.  Ideally, each parent could attend at least one competition and drive cadets, prepare meals, and do all the support requirements, including chaperoning, camping out, and just looking out for the kids’ welfare.  Please volunteer where you can.


    Please fill out the following and return this to me ASAP.


    I am willing to drive, chaperone, and support the team at the following competitions:

                            *Please check all that you could attend


    5.         Inner-Hamilton County Meets:


                _______04 Sep 18 (Tue) @ CHS Inter-Hamilton Raider Comp.


                _______11 Sep 18 (Tue) @ ERHS Inter-Hamilton Raider Comp.


                _______18 Sep 18 (Tue) @ SCHS Inter-Hamilton Raider Comp.


                _______25 Sep 18 (Tue) @ OHS Inter-Hamilton Raider Comp.


    Away Competitions:


                _______15 Sep 18 (Sat) North Forsyth High School (Cumming, GA)


                _______22 Sep 18 (Sat) Soddy Daisy HS Raider Meet (Soddy Daisy, TN)


                _______29-21 Oct 18 (Fri-Sun) Hendersonville HS Raider Comp. (Lebanon, TN)


                _______2-4 Nov 18 (Fri-Sun) Raider Nationals (Molena, GA)



    _____ Physical Done       OR        _____ Physical Scheduled (date) __________     


    We have access to a tent that my son/daughter can use during competitions    


                                                               YES            NO



    Parent Signature   ___________________________________


    Parent Printed Name _________________________________


    Parent Phone #   ____________________________________ (for emergencies)


    Parent Email   ______________________________________ (for info as I get it)



    Parent Questions or Comments:  

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