Are You Future-Ready

Are You Future Ready?
Posted on 01/30/2020
Tiny House Construction

Are You Future-Ready?

Starting in 2020 Sale Creek will be offering two Future Ready options. Mr. Ron Cox will be offering our construction program as usual and we will also be welcoming Mrs. Lisa Dunn to Sale Creek to teach our engineering program. We have high hopes for these programs as plans have been made to build a separate building on the backside of the school, right next to our softball field, to provide these students with a better work environment. In this building, students enrolled in these classes will learn with hands-on experiences, such as our tiny house projects. There is a limit of 25 students per program each year. Positions will be first offered to current students at Sale Creek and then we will be offering Open Enrollment for any spots not filled. It is estimated that this year 80% of the positions will be taken by Sale Creek students; leaving about 10 spaces for Open Enrollment between the two programs. Visit the HCDE website to see what other schools are offering and to apply for Open Enrollment. Let’s get Future Ready Panthers! by. Abby Johnson, 11th grade

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