COVID-19 Parents and Students Reminder

Stay in touch with your teachers!
Please sign up for the Remind group for your students' class(es) to stay up to date on news and assignments and to communicate with teachers. Text the code below to 81010 to join your students' class(es).

6th grade

Math/Harris: @scmath20
Counseling/Sena: @sc6thgrd

7th grade

Math/McCuiston, Science/Dunn, Counseling/Sena: @msvmccu
Language Arts/Benefield: @scms7ela

8th grade

Math/Schmidt, Counseling/Sena: @schmath123
ELA/Turner: @h8383g
General & Counseling/Defore & Sena: @3d8c92

Middle School Related Arts

PE/Helton: @2dh467g
Band/Williams: @6dd2ahk
6th Bible History/Morris: @ech43k
7th Bible History/Morris: @g69634
th Bible History/Morris: @6e964da

High School

9th grade/Defore & Frank: @fg78ffh

10th grade/Defore & Frank: @c3f4ca2

11th grade/Defore & Frank: @4dfhe3

12th grade/Defore & Frank: @6k7798b

Band/Williams: @6dd2ahk

HS Bible History/Morris: @6k43e6

Transition/Wilson: @debh4k

Wellness/Helton: @dhelton

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