HS Rifle Team


Rifle Team

Air rifle marksmanship is a sport in which the primary items of sports equipments are 4.5 mm (.177 cal.) air rifles designed expressly for target shooting.  In air rifle target shooting, participants fire rifles in three different shooting positions at targets placed 10 meters away.  Scores are determined according to how close to the center of the target a series of shots are placed.  Target shooting requires its athletes to develop fine motor skills and mental discipline and it demands strict adherence to saftey rules.  Air rifle is a gold medal event for men and women in the Olympic Games.  When you make decisions or choices about establishing or participating in an air rilfe target shooting program, you are encouraged to to give careful consideration to the following information:

-Rifle marksmanship is one of the safest of all youth sports.
-Rifle target shooting is a sport where sex, size, speed, or "natural ability" do not determine success.

-Target rifle training teaches valuable life skills.
-Shooting is a n Olympic sport.

-Riflery is a popular high school sport.

-Rifle shooting is an NCAA collegiate championship sport

-Air rifle ranges are simple and inexspensive air gun ranges can be set up

almost anywhere.
          -Equipment is readily availiable and affordable.
          -Proper range management practices effectively eliminate lead

           exposure risks.

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