Yearbook Information For Seniors

Seniors, please have the following items to Ms. Ziemann for the yearbook:

  1. Make sure you rename it with your last name
  2. Email your copy of the bio to [email protected]
  3. Due Date: Feb. 26

  • Senior Pictures for the Yearbook to Ms. Ziemann 

  1. Casuals - if you did NOT go through Prestige - need to be emailed to Ms. Ziemann
  2. I only accept JPG and PNG file formats. 
  3. Due Date: March 31
  • Baby Ads

  1. Each senior will receive a 1/4 page for free
  2. Please submit one baby picture and message - no longer than 2-3 sentences.
  3. Please send digital photo in jpg or png file format. 
  4. The Yearbook Team will format the message for you. 
  5. Due Date: March 31

    Example of finished product. 

      baby ad example

Senior Pictures for Sr. Night

  • Add jpg or png file to Google Drive
  • One recent picture and one baby picture

Please submit one recent photograph and one baby picture using the following naming convention, lastname.recent and

For example, my photos would be named ziemann.recent and 

To rename a photo, right click (or double tap) on the photo and select rename. Type in new name.

Video Instructions

Order a yearbook here. Type Sale Creek under school name

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