Senior Year



Visit with the College & Career Advisor to discuss your college choices and the application process.  Do this in late August - October.

  • If you need to take the ACT, SAT, or Subject Tests in the Fall, register early and be mindful of your college deadlines.  Take these in Sep/Oct for Early Decision/Early Action applications.   Be sure to register for the WRITING component!  See your College & Career Advisor for guidance on taking the Subject Tests.  More info at TESTING

  • Add your email to your phone or computer so that you will receive reminders from Naviance.

  • Pay attention to announcements for on-site college visits during the months of Sep.-Nov.  Sign up in Naviance and pick up a pass in the College & Career Center, E13.

Click on the NAVIANCE Link in the box.




  • COLLEGE LIST:    Move "Colleges I'm Thinking About" to "Colleges I'm Applying To".  Make sure the information on the "Colleges I'm applying to" dashboard is kept accurate.  Our teachers, counselors, and administration use this information to perform their duties relative to your application in a timely manner, such as submitting letters of recommendation, counselors reports, and transcripts.  Take a look at the following information for each college and ensure it is correct for your particular situation, and update it as necessary. Inaccurate information could lead to a delay in your application.  Keep this list accurate as you add colleges.   NOTE:  If you are using the Safari browser and cannot delete a college from your "Colleges I'm Applying To" list, try opening Naviance using the Chrome browser instead.

              -  Type (Are you applying regular decision, early action, early decision?)

              -  Submission type (Are you using a school's application, Common App, Coalition App?)

              -  Application (What is the status of your application: submitted, pending?)

  • STUDENT STATEMENT:    Complete this section so that Counselors can use it to write a Counselor Report.  Naviance can time-out while you are entering this information.  So write your statement in Google Docs and copy/paste the data into Naviance.  The Student Statement can be found under the ABOUT ME section under SURVEYS.  Do this by the end of August.

  • PARENT BRAG SHEET:    Parents need to complete this section so that Counselors can use it to write a Counselor Report and for teachers to use when writing Letters of Recommendation.   This can be found under the ABOUT ME section, under SURVEYS.   Naviance can time-out while you are entering your information.  So write your statement in word processing app and copy/paste the data into Naviance.  

  • TEACHER RECOMMENDATION SURVEYS:    Requesting a letter of recommendation is a 3-step process.  First, if you did not request this from a teacher in the spring of Junior year, then request from a teacher in person as soon as possible.  Next, complete the TEACHER RECOMMENDATION SURVEY so that teachers can write a meaningful Letter of Recommendation.  This can be found under SURVEYS in the ABOUT ME section. Do this by the end of August. See below for the 3rd step.

  • ENTER TEACHER NAME IN LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION QUEUE:   Once you have confirmed with a teacher, in person, that they agree to write a letter of recommendation, then add the name of the teacher in Naviance so your request is in the queue and can be managed.  To do this, go to the COLLEGES I'M APPLYING TO page and click on the "letters of recommendation" link at the very bottom.  Do this by mid-September.

  • RESUME:    Complete this form so that counselors can use it for their Counselor Report and teachers can use it for their Letters of Recommendation.  It can be included with college applications where needed.  This can be found under the ABOUT ME tab, under the "My Stuff" section.   Do this by the end of August.

  • IMPORTANT:  The Student Statement, Parent Brag Sheet, Teacher Recommendation Survey, and Resume are used by our counselors and teachers to write letters on your behalf.  You need to provide this information as early as possible so that thoughtful letters can be written in time for your application deadlines.  Do not put this off! 

  • FERPA WAIVER:    If applying to Common App schools (ie: private colleges), sign the FERPA release authorization so that your academic information can be sent directly to your colleges.  To do this, create an account on; click the "College Search" tab and enter one or more colleges;  click on the "My Colleges" tab; on the left hand menu, click "Recommenders and FERPA"; Under "FERPA Release Authorization", click "Release Authorization" and follow the instructions to "waive your rights".   Visit Glossary of Terms to better understand the FERPA waiver.   Do this by the end of August.

  • MATCH :    Do Common App matching in Naviance if applying to Common App schools.  To do this, create a Common App account and add your colleges.  Complete the information through the "education" section.  Go into the COLLEGES I'M APPLYING TO section of Naviance, and click  "Common App Matching".  Do this by the end of September.

  • ATHLETES IN DIVISION I SPORTS:  Add "NCAA Eligibility" to your college list.  Make sure transcripts are sent to NCAA Eligibility.

  • TRANSCRIPTS:    Request transcripts for each college.  Note: click the link for the CHATTANOOGA STATE TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM  Div. I athletes should send transcripts to NCAA Eligibility.  To request transcripts,  go into the COLLEGES tab and click "Manage transcripts".  Pay for each transcript in the Webstore.  Do this in early October.

  • COLLEGE VISITS ON CAMPUS:    Sign up on Naviance, then pick up a pass in the College & Career Center.    To sign up, under the COLLEGES tab, click "colleges I'm thinking about", then click "college visits".  Do this Sep-Nov.


  • NOTES:  Our school district does not rank students and the 2020 Senior class size is approximately 340 students.

  • LOGIN INFORMATION:    Keep track of all userids and passwords given to you by colleges to access their online portals.

  • DEADLINES:    Keep track of all deadlines. Don't wait to the last minute - finish earlier than the deadlines.  

    • Nov. 1 - Early Decision and Early Action

    • Nov. 30 -  Both CSU and UC applications

    • Jan. 1 -  Regular Decision

    • Check individual colleges to verify!!

  • TEST SCORES:    Many colleges are now allowing test scores to be self-reported in an effort to reduce the cost of college applications.  See a list of participating colleges.

    • Send your ACT or SAT test scores in Sep. or Oct., or at least one month prior to college application deadlines.  These should be sent early since the testing agencies can take a long time to send your scores.  Colleges will open a file for you as soon as they receive the scores.  DO NOT wait until your college application is completed.

                         How to send SAT scores                 How to send ACT scores

  • Colleges:  list all the colleges you want your scores to be sent to when you are registering for the test. A copy of your transcript will need to be sent directly to each school. If you did not request your scores to be sent to a certain college you will need to  and pay for each copy.

  • TRANSCRIPTS:    Request transcripts for each college.  Note:  no transcripts are needed for UCs or CSUs.  Div. I athletes should send transcripts to NCAA Eligibility.  To do this, go into the COLLEGES tab and click "Manage transcripts".  Pay for each transcript in the Webstore.  Do this in early October.

  • APPLICATIONS:    Complete and proofread each application.   See links to each type of college application at Apply to College.  See deadlines above.

    • Entering SAT scores in CalStateApply (CSU application)

      • Follow these steps to obtain your CollegeBoard ID:

        1. log into

        2. Go to Student Score Reports.

        3. Click View Details.

        4. Click Download Report.

        5. Find your ID on the top right.  Enter this ID into CalStateApply.

  • ESSAYS:    Work on essays, personal statements and supplement writing required by each application.  See College Essay Tips

  • FAFSA & CSS PROFILE:    If financial aid is needed, complete and submit these forms by the required deadlines.   See a list of schools that use CSS Profile.  Most of these forms are due the same time as the application.   For more information visit Financial Aid

  • SCHOLARSHIPS:  Complete the necessary paperwork and essays for scholarships by the required deadlines.  See scholarships in both Naviance and on the Scholarships page.

  • LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION:    If you are requesting a teacher letter of rec through Common App, you will be asked to enter your teacher's email address.  Double check with your teacher for their correct address.

  • VERIFY RECEIPT:    Check your college portals regularly to ensure that all your information has been received by each college. Check your email regularly and respond quickly to any college correspondence.   Remember, YOU are responsible for ensuring a college receives all the correct information on time.

  • DVC:    If you are considering attending DVC, place DVC on your "List of colleges I'm applying to", then listen for announcements for campus tour and application in March.



  • As admissions decisions come in, update Naviance with the decisions.

  • If you are waitlisted, read the "waitlist" section of NOW THAT APPS ARE DONE and see your College & Career Advisor for advice. You should send a deposit to another school by their deadline so that you have been accepted to so that you are guaranteed a spot somewhere in the Fall.

  • Send a Thank-you note to anyone who wrote you a Letter of Recommendation. Gift cards are appreciated.   Do this by February.


  • DEADLINE:    May 1st is the deadline to notify a college of your intent to register.  Complete the following items by then to secure your place in a college.

  • TUITION DEPOSIT:    Make an initial tuition deposit at your college of choice to secure your spot.

  • HOUSING:    Secure college housing by completing forms and paying deposits. Do this early before rooms fill up.

  • FINANCIAL AID:    Negotiate your final financial aid package at the college of your choice.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA:    Join your college's "accepted students" groups to start meeting other students.

  • UPDATES:    Continue to check your college emails and college portals regularly for updates.

  • NOTIFY:    Notify the colleges that you will NOT be attending so that they can give your spot to another student.

  • FORMS:     Complete all other required college forms by their deadlines.