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Moonpie Madness
Posted on 03/02/2020
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Sale Creek Middle/High School had been upgrading many pieces of technology within the school with the big help of Moonpies… yes, Moonpies! First of all, what is a Moonpie? These sweet treats are popular across the United States that were invented in the year of 1917, and consist of two round graham cookies with marshmallow filling dipped in a flavored coating that could vanilla, banana, strawberry, salted caramel, and the most famous, chocolate. The Moonie Factory, better known as the Moonpie General Store, lies right here in our hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. See how these small, delicate confections make such a big difference!

Sale Creek is getting the help of Moonpie to raise money by establishing a fundraiser for their school to help pay for the expenses of upgraded technology. These pieces include a new sound system and American flag for the gymnasium, a new scoreboard for the softball field, robotics supplies for the STEM program, and more. 

First, how does this fundraiser work? Each student turns in a form in order to receive one box of double-decker Moonpies. One box consists of a total of 36 Moonpies, all combined into four cartons inside the box with nine in each carton. Each carton has a flavor, while two consist of chocolate, another is banana-flavored, and the last is vanilla. Each Moonpie is only one dollar, making a whole box 36 dollars, and a whole carton nine dollars, while students are recommended to sell at least just one box!

If you know a student who is selling these delicious delicacies, give them a shout! Students are being rewarded for their participation in selling Moonpies, so they would love for you to purchase one from them. For highschoolers, if the students sell one box, they receive an independent-study day on the day of prom, two boxes earns them the independent-study day as well as one off-campus lunch day, and three boxes gives them the independent study day with the off-campus lunch one school day, as well as an additional off campus lunch on another school day. Middle Schoolers who sell one box receive a dance during the school day, two boxes is a dance and additional hour of fun friday, and three boxes is a dance, additional hour of fun Friday, and then another additional hour on the next fun Friday. Also, the classroom that sells the most boxes of Moonpies gets a field trip day to the Tennessee Aquarium in Downtown Chattanooga, while the single top seller gets one-hundred dollars!

Come join the madness and purchase your Moonpies from a Sale Creek student! Thank-you!

Lillie Morgan

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