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We are in the process of transitioning the Intranet from this site to our new SharePoint Employee Hub.  The Finance and Information Technology departments have already made the transition.  This page will be removed on Sept. 15th. You can access this content on our Employee Hub

ExecuTime for End Users

Starting with the pay period that began on June 12th, 2021, ExecuTime replaced TimeCard Online.  One important change that occurred with the switch to ExecuTime is that the all employees, including certified employees, must approve and submit their time in ExecuTime at the end of each pay period in which they work.

View the ExecuTime End Users Guide

Accessing ExecuTime

ExecuTime is accessed through Employee Self Service.  The link for ExecuTime is on the Employee Self Service dashboard as shown below.  The URL for Employee Self Service is:  You can also find a link to Employee Self Service on the main Staff menu on the website.

Screenshot of Employee Self Service Dashboard and ExecuTime Link.


ExecuTime - Overview for End Users