Principal's Corner

Mr. Tobin Davidson
(423) 332-8819

Tobin Davidson

Sale Creek: An Amazing Place

On Monday, November 21, 2016 Hamilton County suffered one of its greatest tragedies. A bus transporting Woodmore Elementary School students wrecked. Six were killed, five critically injured, and many transported to the hospital. The scene was described as a "war" zone. I stressed to our students as they eat and fellowship with their friends and family for Thanksgiving to remember the Woodmore School and Community. There will be empty chairs around those dinner tables, broken hearts, and shattered lives.

I also told them that in times of tragedy people want to help, but often don't know what to do. I told them that as the principal of such a caring school, I felt compelled to do something. So we sent a student around collecting donations. The result was amazing! We collected $1536.82. This was all done within 30 minutes and without planning. We had Military Personnel on campus giving the ASVAB Test. They were very generous. We had students give their last pennies to help. To put it mildly, this act of schoolwide compassion was touching. So this Thanksgiving, in the midst of tragedy, I really have something to be thankful for. The People of Sale Creek School!

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